RMRC 2024 World Championships

In July 2024, the RoboCup World Championship returns to Eindhoven!

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The 2024 RoboCupRescue Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge (RMRC) World Championship will be held in a similar manner to the 2023 competition, with the same intent with regard to the rules and arena. There may be some minor changes to correct mistakes and ambiguities.

Please see the main 2024 RoboCup World Championship website for logistical information.

Rules and Arena:

As of writing (mid-Feb 2024) the latest rules and arena construction guide is available here. Please keep an eye on the mailing list to be notified of updates!

Do also post to the mailing list any questions, comments, and feedback.

Dates and Instructions:

Friday 1st of March:

Team Participation Form (TPF) due. This mainly just asks who you are, and how many folks you’ll be bringing. It helps us to plan resources for running the competition, such as space and number of tables. Filling it in doesn’t commit you to coming. If you don’t fill this in and you end up wanting to come, we might still be able to accept you space permitting.

Submit your TPF via this Google form!

If you are unable to access Google from your network, please send the following information to info@rrl-rmrc.org with “RMRC 2024 TPF” in the subject line:

  • Email Address
  • Name of primary contact person.
    • Only one person here please! We will assume that this is the person whose email address was entered above. If multiple people are named only the first will be considered. If you want two people to be looped into the official emails, there is space below for a second person.
  • Team Name
  • Organisation Name.
    • Such as your school, makerspace, youth group, etc.. Note that while each organisation is welcome to submit TPF/TDM for up to three teams, only one will qualify from each organisation and there should be no overlap in the team members between the teams (although mentors can be shared!).
  • Country.
    • We may limit the number of teams from each country to ensure diversity across the competition.
  • Name of backup contact person (optional)
  • Email address of backup contact person (optional)
  • Estimated number of students (up to 6).
    • RMRC is regarded as a Junior competition and thus students must be between the ages of 14 and 19 as of the 1st of July in the competition year. Teams that do not qualify under this criteria may still compete as a Major team (albeit subject to the Major qualification process and registration fees). See https://rrl.robocup.org/ for details of the Major competition. For space reasons, we limit each team to 6 team members.
  • Estimated number of mentors.
    • We allow half as many mentors as students, up to a maximum of 2. Mentors may be of any age. Unlike other RoboCup Junior competitions, we do not restrict mentors from technical involvement in the team’s entry as long as the students have a working knowledge of the robot. See http://comp.oarkit.org/ for further details.
  • The words “I have read the preliminary rules and understand that they may change over time. I also understand that any rule changes and discussions, including opportunities to contribute to the development of the rules, will be announced from the mailing list.”
  • The words “I understand that RoboCup itself has its own rules and regulations to be followed.”
    • Keep an eye on http://2024.robocup.org for details. These may include registration deadlines, restrictions on equipment/shipping, accommodation info and so-on.

Friday 29th of March:

Qualification Team Description Paper (TDM) due. This is compulsory and used to determine if you qualify. Teams may also qualify through Regional Open competitions (which may occur after this date). Note that these Regional Opens must be officially recognized by the RoboCup Federation. Here are the requirements:

  • This is equivalent to the Team Description Paper (TDP) in the Major competition, except that we are more flexible and, in addition to traditional research paper format, will also accept submissions in the form of a set of blog posts or a video presentation.
  • It should be sent to the public mailing list by the deadline above.
    • Hint: Search the mailing list for “TDM” and look for posts from March of each competition year for examples!
  • The materials must cover the following points under suitably obvious headings (we won’t go searching through a mass of blog posts for this info!).
    • Logistical info
      • Team Name
      • Organisation
      • Country
      • Contact person
      • Email
    • Team website (if present)
    • Introduction summarising:
      • The team.
      • The technical aspects that it focuses on.
    • System description, describing:
      • Hardware.
      • Software.
      • Communications.
      • Human-robot interface.
    • Application, describing:
      • Setup and packup of your robot and operator station.
      • Mission strategy.
      • Experiments and testing that you have done or will do.
      • How the particular strengths of your team are relevant to applications in the field.
    • Conclusion, summarising:
      • What your team has learned so far.
      • What you plan on doing between now and the competition.
    • Appendix containing:
      • One table per robot outlining the components and estimated cost of your robot.
      • At least one picture, 3D rendering or technical drawing of your robot.
        • Be sure to highlight particular features of your robot.
      • A list of software packages, hardware and electronic components that you have used, or plan to use, particularly those from the Open Source community, through the Open Academic Robot Kit or otherwise.
      • A list of software packages, hardware and electronic components and designs that you have, or plan to, contribute to the Open Source community, through the Open Academic Robot Kit or otherwise.
        • Note that you will still need to actually open source your components in the days prior to the competition as we assume you will continue development between the submission of the TDM and the competition!
    • References (to other work that you have made use of).
  • Again we recognize that not all teams may have decided to participate by the deadline so we *may* accept teams who provide their Qualification TDM after the deadline if we end up having space, but this is not guaranteed and notification of acceptance may be delayed. More details coming shortly!

Friday 19th of April:

Notification of Qualification. If possible we will try and get notifications out before this date so teams have more time to plan. Qualified teams should then register for RoboCup itself and pay the relevant registration fees. See the main RoboCup 2024 website for details.

Note that RMRC teams that satisfy the RoboCup Junior age requirements register as Junior teams (even though they participate alongside the Major teams in the arena).

Monday 1st of July:

Updated TDM due. This is compulsory, is scored based on how well it helps another team learn about and replicate something really cool, useful, and/or interesting that your team did, and the score becomes part of your multiplier for the preliminary rounds. See this page for examples from past years!

Monday 15th of July:

RoboCup starts!

15-17 July 2024: Set-up days
18-21 July 2024: Competitions
22 July 2024: Symposium

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