Updated Team Description Materials

Since 2019, teams have been required to submit Updated Team Description Materials, 2 weeks prior to the World Championships. These must be released under an open source license, and are scored based on how well they help another team, new or existing, replicate something really cool, useful, or interesting that they have done. This score becomes a multiplier on their preliminary score and helps them to qualify for the finals.

This means that over the years, a library of open source resources have been accumulated, allowing new and existing teams to build on each others’ work. This also means that new teams are not at a disadvantage. While they may not have a robot to build from, they are able to look at what all the other teams have done over the years and pick and choose what they consider to be the best as they start fresh.

Here are the past years’ Updated Team Description Materials.

Note: These are *NOT* a template for the Qualification Team Description Materials (which are submitted around March of the competition year). Please see the competition page for the current year for details of those requirements.

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